Georgia Focus is a 28 minute, self contained public affairs broadcast that
you can use for your community. John Clark hosts the show which
features a new topic every week. Issues covered range from health care to
public safety, from non-profits to authors and state government.

Besides having a compelling, relevant public affairs discussion on air each
week, GNN makes things even easier by providing quarterly information on
show guests and topics that you can use to complete you local Public File.
Sister stations of GNN affiliates may also carry Georgia Focus.

Georgia Focus Feed Times:

GNN A (News) Channel: Saturdays @ 5:30a. Sundays @ 5:30a, 6:00a, 6:30a, 7:00a & 7:30a.

The program is also posted for download on GNN OnDemand each Friday afternoon at

GNN A Channel feeds of Georgia Focus start with a Starguide III 00 closure for network start and conclude with a 01 closure for local rejoin, for ease of automated operation.

To carry Georgia Focus contact John Clark at GNN at 404-962-7007 or