GHSA High School Football Championships

GNN teams up with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA)
as the exclusive statewide radio source for the GHSA High School Football
Championship games.

In mid-December GNN will feed the games live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Teams will be determined by playoffs and announced as soon as available.

Games are barter and affiliates have a minimum of 12 minutes for local sale
in each game. All games will feed live on the GNN-B (Right) channel.
Relays are included for automation.

Georgia High School Scoreboard Show Hosted by Tommy Palmer

GNN teams up with award-winning sports broadcaster Tommy Palmer to
present the Georgia High School Scoreboard Show during the season.

This two-hour weekly program includes up to the minute scores, reports
from play-by-play teams and correspondents across the state and
interviews with coaches. Live and spontaneous, this program is a Friday
night favorite of football fans all over Georgia.

Friday nights from August - November The Georgia High School
Scoreboard Show feeds live 10:00PM - 12:00Mid via Starguide on the
GNN-A channel. Note: this is a separate feed for GNN affiliates. Palmer Media will feed the program via a different Starguide channel.

The program is barter. Affiliates carry 10 minutes of network inventory
each hour with 6 minutes available each hour for local sale. Relays are
included for automation.