Download GNN Starguide III Quick Start Instructions
Have questions about your Starguide III receiver from GNN? What pin-outs do you use for audio and which ones for closures? Download instructions by clicking here.

Does GNN feed closures via Starguide?
Yes. We trigger Starguide III closures at the beginning and end of all GNN newscasts, sportscasts,   zone weather forecasts, Georgia Focus, etc.. To find out how, download a cheat sheet here.

GNN is distributed by Clear Channel Satellite Services via proprietary Starguide III receivers, downlinked from AMC-8 (formerly Satcom C5, GE-8), Transponder 21, vertically polarized.

Problems with your GNN-Starguide III receiver?
Contact Clear Channel Satellite Services in olorado at 303-925-1708. Let them know you are a GNN affiliate.

Think GNN is having a problem?
Call us at 1-800-776-4638 during business hours and 1-800-458-6397 to report any technical or programming discrepancies. Please make note of specific discrepancies and let us know right away.